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Steel Wool has been a part of everyday life for millions of Americans for over 100 years. A proven performer, steel wool has always represented an outstanding value, offering a wide range of uses in the janitorial and sanitation field. Steel wool’s unique characteristics make it an indispensable medium for polishing, buffing and cleaning many types of floors, including wood, marble, granite and terrazzo. Steel wool pads are the ultimate scouring product for dishes, pots, pans, institutional kitchens and other tough cleaning tasks. Bulk steel wool has hundreds of other uses in cleaning and maintaining facilities. Other applications include polishing and finishing products for jewelry manufacturing, statuary & decorative objects, marble & stone polishing, all types of restoration projects and metal & glass surface polishing.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) (Click HERE)
  • Steel Wool is used for removing the cement scum from precast concrete forms used in the concrete precast industry.
  • Steel Wool vs. Abrasive Pads From the pages of Fine Woodworking Magazine
  •  Steel Wool is excellent for plugging holes and as a prevention and aid to controlling various vermin, like deer mice. Following is a quote from a short story. Seems steel wool is a good choice for plugging holes.
    • "A NEW HYMN --- Joe Jarvis

      Rats chew their entire lives. Vermin have hypsodontic incisors: the teeth never stop growing. Rats must constantly file their chompers, which grow seven inches every year and are completely replaced every forty to fifty days, or the top incisors will grow through the bottom jaw and the bottom teeth penetrate nasal cavities. Thus, a rat can gnaw through carpet, insulation, wood, plastic, tile, brick, metal and concrete. Only three substances prove impenetrable against the rodents: adamantium, steel wool and vibranium, and two of those exist only in the realm of Marvel comics. Steel wool splinters when chewed and jagged strands dig into the gums, pierce the tongue and palate. ..."

  • Others who have had good luck using steel wool for securing their homes against vermin and rodents. (Click Here)
  • Steel Wool is great for removing rust on tension rod threads using grade “0000” superfine on Vintage Drums (Click Here)
  • Steel Wool is excellent for the application of the wax, and the follow up buffing and burnishing required of European hard finishing waxes like Lustra, Briwax and Classic. Steel wool in the Super Fine grade 4/0 is the best for bringing these type waxes to their highest hardest Luster. ( Click Here) ( Click Here)