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Bronze Wool
The mariners choice for stripping, sanding, smoothing, and polishing all types of wood and metal surfaces.
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Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Coarse
Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Medium
Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Fine
120 microns (0.12mm) / 0.005" (5 mils)
80 microns (0.08mm) / 0.003" (3 mils)
50 microns (0.05mm) / 0.002" (2 mils)
Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Coarse
Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Medium
Bronze Wool 3 pad pack Fine
Bronze Wool 5 lb Reel Coarse
Bronze Wool 5 lb Reel Medium
Bronze Wool 5 lb Reel  Fine

Bronze Wool ~ The mariners choice for stripping, sanding, smoothing, and polishing all types of wood and metal surfaces.

FROM STEM TO STERN...Bronze Wool has long been used by professionals and do-it-yourself boat owners to achieve superior refinishing results with hardwoods such as teak and mahogany.

Unlike steel wool, which leaves behind small fibers that can rust and discolor wood in corrosive marine environments, Bronze wool resists shedding, rust, and corrosion. Bronze Wool cuts better and faster than sandpaper and other abrasives, with fewer scratches.

It is an essential maintenance item for boaters seeking to maintain beautiful wood and bright work. Whether it's stripping old varnish, burnishing bottom paint, smoothing raised grain, buffing teak trim, polishing chrome accessories or accomplishing a variety of other "ship-shaping" tasks, do it effectively with Rhodes American Bronze Wool.

Also excellent for: cleaning aluminum molds, golf clubs, aluminum outdoor furniture; removing rust from metal surfaces; polishing brass and stainless steel. Also, can be used as insulation in frequency enclosures and in many areas of filtration.

Available in premium quality 3-pad packages of fine, medium, & coarse grades, or in bulk 5 pound reels. A web of metal wool approximately 1/2" thick by 4" wide is wound onto a 2-3/8" ID fiber core to an outside diameter of about 12" and weighing exactly 5 pounds net. The web is approximately 25 feet per pound.

Notes & other info on Bronze Wool

By Gene Gary, Copley News service

Q. Some time ago you printed an article on how to clean the aluminum around windows. I believe one of the ingredients was kerosene. Could you please print this information again? With smokers in the house, the windows need a good cleaning.

A. The formula you are referring to is basically recommended for cleaning corrosion on exterior aluminum window or screen frames or outdoor patio furniture. The cleaning solution is a combination of equal amounts of motor oil and kerosene (mixed together).

Take a piece of fine bronze wool and clean the entire aluminum surface with this mixture; wipe dry with a clean cloth. This should remove oxidation, dirt, grease and oil.

After the surface is clean, apply a thin coat of motor oil and kerosene fluid (it's noncombustible) sparingly over the entire surface. This will protect the metal from future oxidation. Repeat every six months. If aluminum is around salt water, repeat process every 90 days.

For interior cleaning and maintenance, I would recommend either a commercial aluminum cleaner, such as Naval Jelly, or one of the following methods:

Use a bronze wool pad and a solvent-type liquid floor wax, dipping the bronze wool into the wax and applying it to the aluminum;

For heavily incrusted aluminum (interior or exterior), use a bronze wool pad with an etching solution, made of 1 part etching chemical cleaner to 3 parts water. Cover the wet pad with powdered pumice or some other heavy-duty abrasive. In scouring aluminum, always rub with the "grain." That is, back and forth. Never crosswise or in a circular motion. Apply to an area small enough to be completely covered and kept wet for three to five minutes. Follow with a thorough rinsing before the cleaner dries on the surface;

Another recommended cleaner for aluminum is Arm & Hammer Oven Cleaner using a fine bronze wool. First test any of these solutions in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that any finish coating on your aluminum in not damaged. Once the aluminum has been cleaned, I would recommend waxing for protection. Automobile wax or even glass wax are good choices. Wax periodically to assure protection.

Clean Boating

While our boats can provide us with a great deal of enjoyment, we all need to realize that the use of thousands of boats on the Chesapeake Bay can have an impact on the Bay ecosystem. Your Boat and the Bay, by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, provides tips on maintaining and operating your boat in a way that's safe for the Bay. For instance, try cleaning teak with mild powdered soap and bronze wool instead of harsh teak cleaning chemicals that are hard on your wood and gel coat.

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